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Not a normal Thursday

October 22nd, 2009 · Posted by janeskuds in Jane/Politics · 1 Comment · Jane, Politics

Its been an interesting week so far. It began with a phone call from a contact at our local paper (the mighty Telegraph & Argus) asking if I would be interested in attending a meeting with a very senior cabinet minister?  He would be visiting Bradford and wanted to hear from community leaders, business people and other all-round good eggs.I’m not sure where I fit into this – although I am co-ordinator of the local Frends of the Earth group – but I’m glad I was able to make the event.  We were only told that it was to be a very high-ranking cabinet minister, in the fact the phrase ‘as high in the cabinet as you can get’ was used, but we all guessed that it was to be Gordon Brown….. There were some really interesting questions, covering the far-right, the textile industry, the need for intelligence-led rather than random detention at airports and the problems the police face dealing with offenders in the community.  I got in my question about the importance of global climate justice at Copenhagen and my friend Chris, who I have dubbed the politician-eating peace-vicar, got in a good one on war in Iraq/Afghanistan with a side order of Trident.  Didn’t hang around to try and shake hands as I had to get back to work and put the rubbish out. Real life always seems to win in the end….

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  • Skuds

    Still waiting for him to visit Horsham to give my campaign a bit of a boost.

    Suspect Horsham is not high on the priority list…