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My own Berlin Wall memories

November 9th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I don’t have any proper Berlin wall memories.  I have never been to Berlin.  The closest I got was a couple of trips to Nuremburg.  I can remember a colleague at work jumping on a plane when the wall came down so she could be part of history, and she came back to work with a nugget of masonry, and I can rememebr watching Roger Waters’ Wall concert when that was broadcast from Berlin.

My ex-flatmate had more personal memories though.  As a teenager she lived in East Berlin and escaped to the West.   She had not scaled the wall or anything like that, but took the long way round, overland across Eastern Europe, walking and hitching through East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the like, eventually crossing into Switzerland.

From there she took a flight to West Berlin, arriving just in time to see the wall come down.  She then walked back into East Berlin to her old flat to retrieve some of her belongings that she had been unable to take on her long trek.

Imagine how that must have felt?


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