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The real shock about Belle du Jour

November 15th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

The author of notorious prostitution blog Belle du Jour, has finally discarded the cloak of anonymity and revealed herself.  I haven’t actually visited the blog, read the book (I am assuming there is one) or even seen the TV adaptation starring Billie Piper, but, like the X-Factor, it is one of things you can’t escape knowing about even if you do not actively partake in it.So what I already knew was that there was an anonymous writer and that the speculation about their true identity was on a par with similar speculation about the identity of The Stig, Banksy or the author of Primary Colors.  Given that single fact, the biggest surprise of the announcement was not that the notorious prostitue/writer turns out to be a respectable scientist but this:

A month ago she revealed her secret to her colleagues at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health, who were “amazingly kind and supportive”. She was preparing to tell her parents this weekend.

So a group of her colleagues were told this last month but none of them has run off to sell the story. Remarkable behaviour these days.  Hang on though… Bristol?  Isn’t that where Banksy is from?   Maybe she is also the mysterious artists?


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  • skud's sister

    It certainly proves that not all academics are boring and always have leather elbow patches!