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Expenses confusion

December 10th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 3 Comments · Politics

I am a little confused by the Argus’ story about Sussex MPs’ expenses.  It says:

By contrast, Hove MP Celia Barlow did not claim a penny under ACA during the year, after giving up her second home and commuting to and from her constituency, while Crawley MP Laura Moffatt’s claim of £38.70, for an outstanding electricity bill, left her with the lowest ACA claim of any MP in the UK.

Fair play to Laura, but surely if Celia Barlow claimed zero then how can Laura’s claim of £38.70 be the lowest in the UK?  Last time I looked zero was less than £38.70.


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  • PooterGeek

    It’s the lowest claim because Barlow (and perhaps others) didn’t make one. That is, a claim has to exist before it can be described as “low”.

    [I’m not happy about having to type “BROOKING” to have my comment accepted.]

  • Skuds

    Thanks PedantGeek!

  • Martin

    Skuds! you always were good at the maths, obviously the logic was lacking…lol, of course no claim is lower than any claim in value… because it does not exist…lol Hope your doing well my freind!