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January 7th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Nothing fast about Fastway this morning

Nothing fast about Fastway this morning

Sometimes even I am astonished by my naivety.  Perhaps misplaced optimism is a better alternative.

After last night’s walk I knew there would be no buses up Tollgate Hill (no problem as I don’t want them anyway) but I just sort of presumed the more level roads would be better anyway and that the main roads between local shopping parades and the town centre had more chance of having been treated – so I walked the mile up and down hills to the Fastway stop and discovered just how wrong I was.Having got that far I decided it would be easier to walk the remaining four miles to work than to come back up the hill.   I also thought I should make the effort just in case our VIP visitor did manage to make the journey in the afternoon.

By lunchtime we saw some No. 10 buses go past our offices, but they only had town centre as a destination.  By mid-afternoon it was confirmed the VIP visit was off so I came home and found that the No. 10 was going as far as the Broadfield stadium, which helped a lot – I’m still not happy though.

I am giving the optimism a rest for now.  I have decided to not even bother putting out my bins or my four weeks’ recycling tonight.

The iconic Crawley crows feeling the cold

The iconic Crawley crows feeling the cold

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