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On the Loose…

January 26th, 2010 · Posted by janeskuds in Jane · 3 Comments · Jane

Rob got home tonight to find the cat has gone AWOL ( we’ve got some builders in and for an old cat Moth can move like lightening…) so we are sitting here with the back door open in the hope she will wander back in.  I have the day off tomorrow so I think I will be spending the day having a really good search.


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  • janeskuds

    Still no sign – I am beginning to fear she has gone quantum….Damn you Schrodinger.

  • Skuds

    Not a good sign, but they do sometimes turn up after a couple of days and the more frantic you have been the more nonchalant the cat is.

    I remember when Ziggy went missing for a few days. Searched everywhere – checked the shed and everything – and kept thinking we could hear a faint miaow. Turned out she had got into the reclining armchair while it was reclined and then got trapped afterwards. She had been in the house all the time.

    So checking odd spaces in the house is also worth a try.

  • janeskuds

    We’re not so much frantic as resigned. She is 18 and weighs 1.5k (I think normal is about 4k). It has been below freezing the three nights she’s been gone and she is usually sticky, bony and a bit smelly so only a saint would have thought ‘she’s cute lets adopt her…..’
    We haven’t given up hope completely but its not encouraging.