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Pointless, unproductive and fun

February 26th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 2 Comments · Technology

If you saw a link on a website that pointed to I bet you would think twice before following it – and then decide not to.  If you received an email with a link to it would probably get stopped by your mail filters and marked as spam or potential malware.  But you and your mail filtering software would be wrong: both those addresses are perfectly fine.Believe it or not,,the first link goes to and the second one goes to!   The URLs were created by this wonderful site which sums up the spirit of the pointless, mischievous side of the internet.

We are all, I hope, familiar with the concept of URL-shortening sites like tinyurl, or, well this site is a site that does exactly the same thing to a URL. It creates an alias for it, but instead of making it short it makes it long and scary.

There is no practical use for it that I can think of, but it is fun putting in a URL like and getting back something like and some days we just need more fun.

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