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Crawley Council are rightly pleased about the renovation of the Langley Green parade and the surrounding area, concentrating on the design details in this press release.  A while ago I stopped there myself to use the shops and while being pleased with the improved parking arrangements I also noticed the distinctive bollards. I can remember being impressed.

Yesterday I was a little less impressed as we passed through, as we do every day on the way home from work.

This is, as the council keep reminding us a multi-million pound scheme, so who decided it would be a good idea to put a bus stop in a single-lane road, only a few metres after a roundabout?  A bus only has to stop for a few minutes and the traffic backs up to block the roundabout.  There is a wide expanse of pavement where the bus stop is – more than enough room to make it a proper lay-by bus stop.  The stop in the other direction has room for cars to park, but not the westbound side.

Very poor planning in my opinion.

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