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Pub quiz emergency

May 4th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 2 Comments · Life

Got a phone call at about 9pm from a work colleague inviting me to a pub quiz that was starting in ‘about 5 minutes’.   I thought it was another of the Alpha course quizzes, which I normally go to with him, but it turned out to be just a normal pub one.  He had gone out for a drink with an ex-colleague of ours and the pub they chose had a quiz about to start.

What was strange was that we seemed to come about 9th out of 7, although there were about 10 teams below us.  It turned out that the quiz was being relayed to other bars in the building, so there were more teams than the few we could see.

Pleased, and a little surprised, that I managed to dig out the name of the Queen’s first grandson from my memory.  Not being a big fan of the royals I usually do poorly on royal questions.  Also dead chuffed that my guess of the second Labour MP to get done for using a mobile phone while driving was correct: Balls.

Kicking myself that I couldn’t remember where the Prix de l’Arc de Triomph is run.

Still, an unexpected break from answering emails about policy.


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