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Alarming inability

June 9th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I have a licence to drive cars.  It will also allow me to drive pretty large vans and minibuses.  I can operate computers with some confidence and figure out the various combinations of settings and buttons to do all sorts of things on hi-fi separates.  So why do I have some sort of dyspraxia when it comes to operating our alarm clock?

OK, it is a little more complicated than a basic clock because it is a clock radio that is also the base station for a cordless phone.  The phone has long gone and we never use the radio, but the buttons are still there.  We must have had it for nearly ten years but I still find it impossible to turn the thing off in the morning.   On the rare occasions when I have to operate it, like this morning when Jayne got up at some stupidly early hour, I just blindly stab at buttons until it shuts up, but I don’t know until ten minutes have passed whether I have killed it or just hit snooze.

It is always snooze though.   Statistically, I should turn it off completely at least some of the time, but it is always snooze.

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