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Broadband speeds

September 2nd, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Technology · 4 Comments · Life, Technology

I do have some sympathy with Virgin Media about the advertising of broadband speeds.   With their fibre optic network they can deliver much higher bandwidth to homes and do it so that end users will actually get that speed – and then companies providing broadband across ADSL come along and advertise services that, once contention rates are factored in, deliver half the speed but can be quoted with a speed of “up to” the same level.

Having said that, I wish they would spend less time moaning about it and a bit more on expanding their fibre optic network to places like Maidenbower and Horsham.   If Virgin don’t have cable in your street, then there really is no competition – all the different providers are going to be using the same infrastructure to provide broadband.

When so much of Crawley is cabled up and can get 50MB broadband it is very frustrating that the next town across has to rely on BT’s copper, and even the Maidenbower estate within Crawley isn’t all fibred up.  I


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  • Damian Counsell

    Presumably, your last sentence was cut off before you could finish it because Virgin disconnected you.

  • Skuds

    No – it is so fast that it included the start of the next post which is not even written yet.

  • Adam

    I had Virgin Media broadband at my last place and it drove me crazy, it automatically cut off if you were trying to transmit large data sets – I assume that it is to try and stop downloading movies however when you are trying to run a large SQL query accross a VPN it is frustrating if your broadband cuts out, also I never had anything like the 20MB that Virgin promised but I was too far from the exchange to get a decent BT signal. since moving to West Green I have had BT Total and it is great, never drops out and 20MB all the time, Virgin have offered me 50mb but I doubt I can ever trust them again.

  • Skuds

    It is easy to lose track of which companies do any sorts of traffic-shaping. Their policies change all the time – always worth checking what their AUP says in the small print.

    Never had anything cut out, despite having some large transfers at times and almost permanently having music streaming and online gaming going on.