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The horror, the horror

December 27th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 4 Comments · Life

I walked round the corner to the County Oak retail park this afternoon, and very quickly came straight back again.  It was madness, and I am so glad I was on foot and not part of the bad-tempered, horn-blowing mass of people looking for the mythical last parking space.

I think I may be turning shopophobic.  I don’t think there is anything I don’t have that I want badly enough to face that sort of chaos.

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  • Adam Brown

    This is why I will only shop online or at Tesco late at night.

    People seem to get a kind of fever when there may be a bargain to be had.

    • Skuds

      I can see the appeal of that, but with a lot of relatives working in retail I always feel a bit guilty when I buy online, realising how many people, and how much of our economy (especially round here) depends on shopping.

      The thing is that I see shopping as a means to an end and can’t get into the mindset of people who see shopping as an end in itself. Except for bookshops and record shops, but that isn’t shopping is it? That is ‘browsing’ 🙂

  • Richard W.

    I stopped every driver entering County Oak this afternoon, and asked one quick question :

    Which national paper do you buy every day ?

    99.9% said The Sun.

    My name is Linda, and I’ve never told a lie – or got angry – for 57 years.