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Thanking Laura Moffatt

January 15th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 11 Comments · Politics

Laura, flanked by husband Colin and ex-boss Alan Johnson

Last night Jayne and I went out to the Arora hotel to a party that was being thrown to thank Laura Moffatt for her work as Crawley’s MP before she retired last year.

It was supposed to be a surprise party, and if Laura did suspect anything she is not going to spoil anybody’s time by letting on.  She certainly appeared to be surprised.

Guest of honour was Alan Johnson, who had Laura as his PPS when he was a minister.  He spoke well of his high regard for her and her popularity in Westminster.

Various people from local organisations also spoke about how Laura had helped and supported her during her time as MP.  There were representatives from the Gurjar Hindu Union, the Neighbourhood Watch, Cadia, Crawley Open House, Crawley Campaign Against Racism, the Ahmidaya Muslims, Crawley Hospital League of Friends and others – even a Tory councillor.

A fair range of speakers, but really it was only scratching the surface.  I have sat in her MP surgeries before, spent some time in her office and been at quite a few official engagements so have an idea of how much time and effort she put into representing the town.  As an ex-neighbour I also had an idea of the ridiculous hours she kept doing everything.

The only shame is that it took so long to get round to organising the party but, as Brenda Smith said, there was a lot going on last year.

I even made a bit of progress on my resolution to drink more by having a pint of lager, but when I found that a pint and an orange juice cost nearly eight quid I knew I was unlikely to get drunk.


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  • Richard

    Laura M was an excellent MP and, like many people, only realise how excellent when they are gone – or replaced.

    It’s such a pity her silence is so deafening since leaving office.

  • danivon

    Weird. I was at the Arora that night as well – I came down to finalise the sale of my house.

    Richard – Not sure we should expect former MPs to be vocal. I can understand with all the irrational hate aimed at her that she might want to be fairly circumspect for a while. And she does deserve a bit of a rest.

    • Skuds

      What? And you didn’t call round to inspect our new premises?

      I think she has had a lot on her plate anyway – not least with going back to college for her nursing.

      Much more dignified than continuing to snipe from the sidelines like us two eh? 🙂

      • danivon

        I would have tried to if I wasn’t insanely busy trying to get solicitors to do the things they are paid handsomely for doing…

  • Richard W.

    Alan Johnson resigns for “personal reasons”

  • Danivon

    Yes, and that is clear. Very personal. A shame that some people can’t help reading something else into it in every case, eh?

  • Richard W.

    Danivon, that’s because in many political cases in the past, we can read “something into it” – and it would be politically naive not to do so.

    • Richard W.


      Danivon, that’s because in many political cases in the past, we can read “something ELSE into it” – and it would be politically naive not to do so.

    • Danivon

      Yet to do so every time would seem to be to me unthinking cynicism, not careful scepticism.

      Pretending that you are behaving in a way that is not ‘naive’ doesn’t mean you are being sophisticated….

  • Skuds

    I think I may need to do a flow chart or something to follow all this…

    Do you mean that sometimes if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it might just *be* a duck?

  • Scott

    As an MP she was useless and finally realised this when she knew she’d be humiliated at the 2010 GE. Thankfully Chris Oxlade was. (who would have been more than useless).