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Unfathomable spam

April 13th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

A fine crop of spam caught in the comments queue today, which I really don’t understand.   With a lot of spam comments I can see what they are trying to acheive – trying to get a URL published somewhere so it counts as a link and improves a page’s raking on search engines usually,  but sometimes to get publicity for some business that may or may not be related to the post content or maybe even to get a link to a phishing site published.

Nearly every single bit of today’s spam consisted of trite comments like “zjHuBmJ Wow, you are so right!” from somebody who lists their homepage as Bing, Yahoo or Google.  I don’t believe that either Yahoo, Google or Microsoft would resort to such tactics let alone all decide to do it at the same time, so what is going on?

All spam is annoying, but is done for a purpose. In this case qui bono?  The onl;y thing it could acheive is to stuff up my site, but its an order of magnitude or three too small to be effective at that.


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