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Blind, deaf and stupid

May 26th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I already knew my eyesight was getting worse as I get older but obviously my hearing and thinking are plummetting too.

Just tonight I cameout of the supermarket and went to get in the car.  My first thought was “bloody hell Jayne, when were you going to tell me you put a huge dent in the back?”.  My second thought was “when did we get back doors?”, followed by “isn’t that car darker then it should be?”, “who’s nicked our car?” and “Oh, I’m standing next to it.”

Got nearly home and saw Chrystal at the bus stop so I offered her a lift to the station.  Wondered why she was going back home because just before I went out I asked if she was going home and she said no.  It turns out she thought I asked when she was going home and she said “now”.  She must have thought I was being a bit stroppy to to just go out to the shop straight after she said she was about to go home now, leaving her to struggle with her suitcase.


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