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June 29th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

It turns out that I effectively turned off comments here when I upgraded WordPress the other day.

I forgot that the captcha plug-in I use always screws up when I upgrade WordPress and I have to de-activate and re-activate it to make it all work again.

I always forget.  I expect I will forget next time I upgrade as well.  Should I be writing myself a process or checklist for upgrading, or would that be really blurring the lines between work and home?

Not as bad as when I upgraded the plugin itself – that lost me all the custom words I had put in there.  I think it doesn’t do that anymore because the custom words are held in the SQL database, but I may be mistaken.  I’ll find out next time an update comes along.

I’m not complaining though.  It is all free after all.

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