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We won a quiz

July 24th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Jayne and I went to a fund-raising quiz at Crawley Labour Club last night.  We formed a team with the chairs of Horsham and Crawley CLPs.  My recent track record on quizzes has not been brilliant; a long string of second places is what it feels like.
This time round it ended up with a tie for first place and there was a tie-breaker.  We were expecting/dreading the drama of a head-to-head but instead we each had to write a number on a piece of paper and then hold them up together.  Whoever had a number closest to the one in the quizmaster’s sealed envelope would be the winner.  All very tense, because the other team contained quite a few of my erstwhile colleagues from Broadfield including Ian Irvine who was on the winning team at the Horsham quiz earlier in the year.  Surely he wouldn’t make it two in a row?

So we both held up our pieces of paper and we had both picked the same number between 1 and 100 – 37.

Quizmaster Michael was a bit flustered by this and asked us to have another go, and neither of us were allowed 37.  So we did and we both chose the same alternative number – 73.  At this point Michael thought there was a conspiracy to wind him up and just drew lots.  Quite appropriate since in Crawley we have a bit of a tradition of close results, recounts and drawing of lots to decide elections.

A lot of excitement over a half-case of wine!   Jayne and I donated ours to Horsham party as future raffle prizes, since we still have a few bottles in the cellar, which is what we call our bin cupboard.  A good evening though, and I even had a beer.

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