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Desert island Danny

August 1st, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I don’t normally listen to Desert Island Discs.  Or to put it another way, I have never listened to Desert Island Discs as far as I know.  I hardly ever listen to Radio 4 at all, the last time was probably when they had a Kraftwerk documentary a couple of years ago. Today Danny Baker was on DID (available on iPlayer for I’m not sure how long) and I did listen to it – on iPlayer.
I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it reminded me why I don’t listen to Radio 4.  It starts with the end of the Archers (I presume) which sounded overwrought and afterwards there was a continuity announcer who I initially assumed was a satiricial stereotype but seems to be a real announcer. In between Kirsty Young was terribly annoying, but even so it was compelling stuff.I really liked the way Baker obviously loves his job and his life.  He knows he is lucky and isn’t ashamed to say so.  Quite right too.  Of all the fields of entertainment I think that radio is the one I would most like to have been in.  We have all had our fantasies of being a rock god or making an Oscar acceptance speech, but in reality I think radio must be more fun.

Kirsty Young seemed to be genuinely bemused that somebody can be happy with their lot and not regret the fact that they passed over the chance to go to Grammar school and, probably, university.

I also liked the way Danny Baker came across as so honest about his attitudes and money, while at the same time admitting that he keeps a lot of his life private and doesn’t share it.  I think my favourite line was actually from Danny’s Dad, quoted as saying not to fritter your money away on stuff like insurance.

The music was a surprise though.


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