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No more Confidential

September 28th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

According to the Guardian, the BBC is going to scrap Doctor Who Confidential to save costs. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I would have thought it was a fairly cheap way to fill that much airtime, and bulk out the DVD releases that make so much cash for the BBC.

I think they should have a re-think and then scrap it instead because it has got a bit tired now. It was good when it started, but we have all had that behind-the-scenes look now and the novelty wore off ages ago. There are only so many times we can listen to somebody saying how difficult it is to act against a green screen, and how long they have to spend in make up getting their prosthetic head fitted, and now it is just full of gushing third assistant directors saying how exciting it all is to fetch tea while carrying a walkie-talkie.

The same applies to a lot of DVD extras for films, where there is no assumption made that we might have seen how similar effects were acheived many, many times before.

I just get confused by it all because I’m sure that when I was young all the effects were done with a blue screen. When did it change to green?


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  • Andrew

    Changed to green after they realised the average human skin contains a lot more blue than green, so look less odd when the green is removed. Supposedly, anyway – I’ve never seen a direct comparison.