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A Manor Royal mystery

December 26th, 2013 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

We walk our dogs round the Manor Royal inductrial estate quite a bit, especially at night. As nobody lives there it doesn’t matter if they, or we,  make a bit of noise. It is quite interesting to see all the different companies that operate there from giants like Virgin and Doosan to small businesses like printers.

In most cases you have heard of them or it is obvious what they do. Most others you can look up easily enough. Indeed quite a few have their website address on their signage. However, there is one business that is  complete mystery to me.

In Crompton Way there is a company whose sign just says “TPC Limited”. No more information that that. It stands out because it always has a nearly full car park even at night and weekends. In fact we walkied round there on xmas day and the place appeared to be open. There were lights on and about a dozen cars outside – nearly all Toyota or Lexus so presumably company cars.

I thought it might be some sort of call centre or technical support function that requires 24-hour coverage, although I haven’t seen many such places where nearly all the staff getting lumbered with night shifts have company cars, or with so many staff on duty.

I tried Googling the company, but it is a very, very common name. Lots of companies get abbreviated to TPC. It is a very generic and anonymous sort of name. I did find a Google+ page for TPC Limited in Crompton Way but it had no information other than address and telephone number.

I then Googled the telephone number and it is the same number as the Crawley branch of French Connection. I can’t believe that French Connection would need to have an office staffed round the clock and even on xmas day.

I have stopped investigating now. I have convinced myself that the place is a front and is the base of some sort of conspiracy or perhaps a top secret government agency, much like Universal Exports is in the James Bond stories so the truth would likely be something much more boring than that.

Now that I have written all this publicly, if I should die suddenly in a freak gardening accident, my fanciful theories will seem a lot more plausible.

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