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February 9th, 2014 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Technology · No Comments · Life, Technology

Huge apologies to anybody who has tried to contact me by e-mail on the old Skuds@blueyonder address in the last four or five (or maybe more) months. I didn’t read your e-mails.

Here’s the thing. I decided to use my gmail more because it was dead easy to set up on my tablet and phone. For a while I was still using Outlook on the PC to pick up mail from and anything that might come in on the blueyonder or addresses but then I configured gmail to pick up the mail and used that more.

Eventually I stopped using Outlook completely and forgot to also route blueyonder mail through it. Last night I opened Outlook because I wanted to dig out a quite old saved email and when I opened it a whole load of mails appeared going back ages. It looks like some of the Crawley Labour mailing lists still use my old blueyonder mail address, which explains why I missed quite a few messges about the May elections. At least I updated my details with the national party so I have been getting all the begging letters from the General Secretary…

I have now added the blueyonder address to gmail so I will receive those mails (I hope) but I would much prefer people to use the gmail or address because yu never know if Virgin will one day discontinue them (or I might even discontinue Virgin).


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