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February 11th, 2015 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

Bert Crane in 2005

Bert Crane in 2005

I am hearing news that Bert Crane has died, which is not unexpected but nonetheless very upsetting. Yes, he was looking quite frail the last time I saw him, but then he was apparently not expected to live very long when he left the forces yet managed to go on to serve as a councillor for more than 50 years after that, so it kind of felt like he would be around for ever.

It is a very sad day for Crawley Labour party. Bert was a councillor in Crawley before Crawley even had its own council, and stayed in the job as the town grew up around him, often with his involvement because he always took a keen interest in planning matters.

The one silver lining is that now we can name something after him. Because of his long service, there have been calls for naming a road or something after him for ages, blocked by an unwritten convention of not naming roads after living people.

I do hope we can have the patience to wait for something suitably important and not just give his name to some little close in one of the new estates.

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