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February 23rd, 2016 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Technology · No Comments · Life, Technology

We are having an electric car event at work on Thursday. I am actually on holiday, but I might pop in anyway to have a look. There is a lot of this going on at the moment. The Town Hall has Nissan coming in to show their Leaf off, as is the business next to my own work.

The difference with our event is that it is not just one manufacturer coming in to try and flog their own stuff. We have Nissan, BMW and Tesla coming in as well as some electric racing car, and although I am sure they will try to push their own stuff there is supposed to be discussions about general principles like the provision of charging points.

For me it is really just an academic interest because I walk to work. For what it is worth I think that electric cars are impractical for most people because of the lack of infrastructure for charging, which is especially important if, like me, you only have unallocated on-street parking and thus no way to charge at home.

The tipping point will only come when we reach a point of over-provision of charging places. I know the Town Hall now has provision to charge four cars which is good, until it has five or more employees who regularly drive electric cars.

I will still try to turn up on Thursday though, just for the chance to have a good look at the Teslas, which is a bit sad really as their main UK site is less than a mile away and I could go there at any time.

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