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Foorball idea

June 26th, 2016 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Three live Euro 2016 games on the TV today. Live football is good because it means you can watch for at least two hours without Nigel Farage’s gurning face popping up. A lot of the play yesterday was best described (as it was by one of the presenters) as ‘for the afficianados’. In other words, quite dull.

In contrast, the France/Ireland game today was great, and I think it was because of that penalty in the second minute. Some of the other games were played so cautiously, it almost felt like they were playing for the penalty shootout right from the start. So I decided that an early goal is good. So why not start all knockout games with an early goal?

Here is the idea: toss a coin and give the winner a one-goal head start. Sounds unfair, but it would make the games more lively. The other half of the idea is that the first goal scored by the disadvantaged side counts double. Think about it. A team starts 1-0 down but if they score they go 2-1 up.

Actually it might work in normal games too. No more parking the bus and settling for a draw straight away. Right from the kick off there would be one team needing to score just to get a point, and then if they score, the other lot need to score.

I am going to suggest it to whoever is in charge of FIFA. I might enclose a tenner with it because I know they like that sort of thing there.


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