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December 14th, 2016 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

I had an email from Virgin Media the other day.

Remember how we used to just have razor blades? And then we started to have razors with two blades? They were advertised by an animation showing how the first blade left a bit of stubble and the second blade caught that? And then it turned out that the second blade left a bit too, so we got razors with three blades. And then four. I can’t remember how many blades we got up to, but recently I saw an advert for a new razor where the feature being promoted was that it only had, and needed, one blade.


Anyway, the current Virgon Tivo box lets you record three shows at once, which is nice and was the thing that Virgin pushed a lot. One of the things I have seen on the Virgin box is an advert for Sky Q which lets you “record four shows while watching a fifth”. That seems a bit unnecessary. When you get to watch those four are you going to record another five? Where are you going to find the time to watch all the things you record?

So what was in the Virgin email? Of course, it was promoting their new box, the V6 Tivo, that lets you watch six programmes while you watch a seventh. This is so unnecessarily over-the-top, that Sky are going to offer the same functionality on their boxes after the next firmware upgrade.

At some point these boxes will be able to record more simultaeous programmes that there are channels, at which point the hipsters will put aside their vinyl for a while to buy up old VHS machines because they can only record one ting at a time.

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