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The art of motorcyce maintenance

October 15th, 2018 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I’m starting to think that maybe I should have bought a new motorbike instead of a used one, because things keep going wrong with it.

First of all it was the back tyre losing air a lot, which turned out to be a split in the sidewall. While getting that sorted I had the clutch lever replaced because it was bent out of shape – though to be fair that was our fault, probably done when Jayne fell off it.

Then it was all the instrument lights going, so I bought soome LED bulbs and put them in it. Then it was losing headlinghts because of a blown bulb, so I got a new H4 bulb and fitted that. At the same time I bought a new brake lever so it matched the new clutch lever, and because there was a bit of a bend that was on it when I bought the bike.

There was also the small matter of a bend foot peg that a friend managed to bend back for me, but that was totally my fault because I did it when I came off the bike.

Now it is the speedo. On the way down to Brightona today we were on the A23 and halfway down I realised that the speedo was on zero, even though I was doing about 65mph, Then I realised that the trip counter and odometer were not going round, so now I need to find out whether the speedo cable has come loose or is broken.

I’m sure I wouldn’t have half of these problems on a new bike, but then again I am learning more about bike repairs than I would have done otherwise, so maybe its all for the good after all.


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