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Stupid rules OK

November 4th, 2018 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I may have mastered the art of stupid, but at least I have some competition within the family.

After a couple of embarrassing incidents where we had to call our son to come home from work and let us in the house because we forgot to pick up a set of keys when walking the dogs, I fitted a key safe outside the house. Apart from anything, we would be stuffed if Frankie was away on holiday or (much more likely) his phone was dead.

After about a week I took the dogs out with Frankie. Jayne had gone to bed early because she was knackered and had to get up early in the morning. Got home and realised I didn’t have my keys. Then found that the boy only had his bike keys and not the door key. No worry. I have a key ssafe with a spare key in it! I retrieved the spare key and found that it did not fit, because it was a back door key, so we had to wake Jayne up anyway.

Of course she called me all the names imaginable.

Tonight we were going out to the theatre and because we knew that parking is a bit of a problem there, we decided to go by bike. We got all our gear on, biking trousers and jackets, helmets, thick winter gloves, boots, leaving just enough time to get there with a little bit to spare. Jayne’s bike would not start. “sod it. We’ll have to take the car.”

There is little that looks more stupid than going by car in full motorbike gear, so we had to get changed really quickly because all of our spare time was used up.

When Frankie got home from work, he had a look at the bike, because Jayne wants to go for a ride out with her mates in the morning. We were expecting some floodlight repair work, but it took only a minute or two for him to diagnose the problem… she had knocked her kill-switch.

So now I can feel like the intelligent one, until the next time I do something amazingly stupid. I hope I get a couple of days before that inevitably happens.

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