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February 20th, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

We are always quick to complain when we are unhappy with a shop or service. Social media makes it even easier, and bloggers are probably the worst. Never have there been so many ways to vent your consumer frustration, but when you get good service its nice to use the same channels to share that as weel.

Today we had some superb service from J&S Accessories in Uckfield.

Last year I spent a small fortune buying motorcycle gear for Jayne and I. I don’t want to do the maths and work it out, but motorbike gear is not cheap and I bought three jackets, a couple of pairs of textile trousers, some armoured jeans, two pairs of boots, several pairs of gloves and three or four helmets, plus lots of little bits and pieces.

One of my purchases was a textile jacket for Jayne that I got from J&S in June that cost £130. Over Christmas it ripped where one of the adjusting straps was. The other day she went to a meeting of women bikers and her friends persuaded her that a jacket really shouldn’t do that. It is supposed to withstand motorbike crashes so ought to handle over-aggressive tightening, so they persuaded her to take it back to the shop, which she did today.

We did not still have the receipt for the jacket, and it was bought eight months ago, but J&S took one look at it and replaced it. They were able to print a copy of the receipt (now I know why they always ask for our details when ringing up a sale!)  so that was not an issue.

They did not have that exact jacket in that size in stock, but they had something very similar which Jayne was only too happy to take because it actually looks better and has more vents in it.  All of this made her happy enough: she how has a brand new jacket that she likes more than the old one and would have considered that a win, but it turns out that the new jacket is priced at only £120, so the shop gave her a £10 token to make up the difference.

J&S prices are quite reasonable compared to other places we have been, but in absolute terms, motorbike gear doesn’t come cheap. You can easily spend £500 on a jacket + trousers and £200 on boots without touching the top of the range stuff. I feel a lot happier with that outlay if I have confidence that I can easily get a relacement if anything goes wrong, even more so if I know I can get that without having to make a scene and get Watchdog involved.

So well done J&S, and will you please open a shop in Crawley?


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