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Second attempt at normality

May 12th, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

So this is what has been going on with my little health issues.

On Easter Monday I was allowed home after my big operation. This represented a really quick recovery because it was a massive operation. Actually it was more like a stomach operation + a chest operation + a tracheostomy, all lasting about 12 hours. Only spending a week in intensive care afterwards, then a week on a normal ward was very quick.

It turned out to be a little too quick though. Two days after getting home I was whisked back to hospital again because I was in a lot of pain and had fevers. This was caused by a small anastomatic leak, leading to bilateral pneumonia and pleural effusions, none of which means much to me, except that it hurt.I ended up spending more time in hospital to sort out the complications than I had spent in the first visit, and even longer in intensive care. I started off with the usual huge collection of catheters, drains, canulas, etc. and over time they came out one by one, and now I am back home again.

So far, touch wood, everything seems OK this time round. my scars have had an extra couple of weeks to heal, but I ave gone back to square one with the diet. I would have been on more normal food by now, but instead I spent a couple of weeks on fluids and am now just back on puree again.

I expect I will get signed off for quite a while, which is handy because I have a lot of post to catch up on between my frequent snoozes.

Massive praise is due to my GP. All the pain I had started when I went to the Crawley walk-in centre to get the staples removed from my scars. Fifty-eight staples in total! I just assumed the two things were related and wanted some stronger painkillers, but she took the cautious approach and referred me back to the surgeons to check out the operation site and possibly saved my life.

The bottom line is that I am back now. Maybe not at full strength and capacity, but feeling stronger all the time. Nobody could be happier than me now, except for Jayne who no longer has to travel to Guildford every day to see me, and of course the dogs. When I got home Diablo was wagging so hard I thought his arse would drop off, and he is still on a bit of a high a day later.

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