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A good year for the roses

January 2nd, 2023 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

This year has not seen the usual proliferation of huge tubs of chocolate. Neither of us can really eat much chocolate without suffering from dumping syndrome, so it has been best to not have too much temptation.

Over the years there has been a lot of heated debate in the family about which selection tubs are the best. Is it Celebrations or Heroes? One thing the kids are all in agreement about is that Quality Street is for old people, and Roses even more so.

I used to similarly write off anything that wasn’t Heroes or Celebrations, but I think I am now leaning towards Roses as being a favourite, rather than being an old person’s chocolate. OF course I am now an old person, which might be influencing me. but I think that Roses have a lot going for them.

For a start, every one of them has what the flavour is written clearly on the wrapper. No need to consult a crib sheet to work out what they are. This is especially useful if you have decanted the sweeties into a bowl and discarded the tub, with it’s legend. Not that there is much point with Quality Street: one of them is just called ‘the purple one’ which does not help. It is like when a restaurant menu just lists ‘meat curry’; I would prefer something a bit more specific.

For that reason alone I would go for Roses, but they also have none that I don’t like. With Heroes I don’t like the Creme Egg (Twisted) ones and I am not a huge fan of the chocolate eclairs. With Celebrations I won’t touch the Snickers or the Bounty.

So it looks like I am now officially old.


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