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January 11th, 2023 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

…and nowhere to go! One of my Christmas presents from Jayne was a nice pair of chunky motorbike boots. A belated present to myself was a new helmet. I decided to treat myself for a few reasons.

Firstly, my old helmet is getting a bit loose. It would appear that my head has shrunk a bit since I got it, which sounds unlikely but I have lost weight everywhere else, so why not?

Secondly, Jayne got a new helmet last year and have been quite jealous of it. Hers is a Shark modular helmet which has a clever design that means it can be worn with the chin guard raised so that it looks and feels more like an open faced helmet, which is great for little trips around town in the summer.

Thirdly, I came into the possession of a new Bluetooth intercom set during the year. Because it attaches to a helmet in a fairly permanent way I didn’t want to fix it to my current lid which is too small and also old and due a replacement anyway.

All of which were good excuses to get the new Shark helmet, which is a slight improvement on Jayne’s.

So. New boots, new helmet, new intercom, and the new heated gloves I got for my birthday so all fixed to go out riding except that the weather is absolutely rotten. By the time I finish work it is dark and in any case it is pissing down all the time. If I was a motorbike commuter then I would put up with it, but as it is just for enjoyment I won’t. There is nothing enjoyable about going out in the rain, and one of the reasons I want to go out is to get away from the Gatwick restricted area so I can fly my drone, and you certainly don’t want to do that in bad weather.

In the meantime I will just stay in and keep an eye on the forecasts I suppose.

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