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Local Election Candidates

April 6th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Politics/Technology · 4 Comments · Politics, Technology

I may have mentioned in the past how bloody useless the Crawley Borough Council website is.  This week’s example of uselessness is the obscurity of the list of nominations for the local elections.

On the front page is a link to the May elections.  Go to that page and there is a link to the list of nominations. Try that link and it doesn’t work.  It looks like an internal intranet link which won’t work for anyone outside the Town Hall.  Fortunately the document itself is on the public webserver and I was able to get to it by taking the intranet URL and replacing the start of if with the normal internet address – but I shouldn’t have to. (The link above works – it is what the one on the CBC website should be)

Even without such cock-ups the site is one of the least easy to navigate and least useful local government sites I have come across.  Having to work out the proper addresses of individual pages is just the icing on the cake.

Anyway…  I finally found out what I wanted:

Of the 13 seats up for election, Labour and the Tories are standing in all 13.  The Liberal Democrats are standing in 10 of them – and are not standing in the Broadfield South seat which they currently hold following a defection.  The BNP are standing in six wards, and the Justice Party are standing in Bewbush again.

There are no Greens, no independents ((and therefore no Richard Symonds for the first time in ages)) and no Respect-type candidates.  No ward has more than four candidates and no wards have two seats up, requiring multiple candidates, so it should be a very straightforward  election – especially in Broadfield South where it is a straight two-way fight between Labour and the Tories.

The wards where the BNP are standing are:

  • Tilgate
  • West Green
  • Pound Hill South
  • Ifield
  • Gossops Green
  • Bewbush

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  • Richard

    6 Wards too many for the BNP – with their dangerous & dodgy highlighted in The Argus this weekend (“It’s vital to challenge the far-right parties”, Jean Calder Column, April 5/6 – Page 8).

    What astonishes me with these racist thugs in snappy suits is that they field a candidate in Pound Hill South (no chance), but not in Broadfield – South or North (better than no chance)…

  • Peter

    Doubtful Lab will gain any of the Tory seats. Tories may take Broadfield N and also West Green which would see them with 24 council seats and Labour on 10. Although the way Labour are at the moment it wouldnt surprise me to see the Tories take all 4 seats Labour are defending. That would make the council: Cons 26, Lab 8 and Lib Dem’s 3.

  • Skuds

    All 4 seats Labour are defending? Aren’t we defending 7?

    I’m not sure Crawley is predictable by extrapolating national trends. Its a bit of a maverick place. I have seen predictions of meltdown with Labour ending up with a net loss of 5 or 6 seats but I think we will end up somewhere between one net gain and two net losses.

  • who is ahead in the election

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