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Virgin Media – good news

April 6th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 2 Comments · Technology

I have moaned a lot about the premium rate number for broadband technical support at Virgin Media.  It was very unfair that it should cost money to report a fault on broadband, but not on television or telephone services, and now it looks like even Virgin agree with me

Recently I noticed that they were claiming that if a fault turned out to be with their service and not with your own computer they would refund the cost of the phone call.  Good but complicated: I wouldn’t have total confidence in that happening un-prompted and wouldn’t fancy looking like a cheapskate by chasing down a refund.

Today I got an e-mail saying that, as a result of comments received in surveys, they are dropping the charge for technical support.  A shame they introduced it in the first place, but unqualified praise for admitting they were wrong and doing a u-turn.

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  • jams o donnell

    That’s good news Skuds. that number bumped up my phone bill over the months

  • Skuds

    I hardly ever called it. If everything stops working I know enough to know it probably isn’t me. I just check with neighbours a bit to establish whether its just our street or the whole area and wait for it to work again.

    I know that my calling won’t speed anything up. Fortunately the reliability has been very good for the last few months.