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What Women Want

March 14th, 2009 · Posted by janeskuds in Jane/Life · 1 Comment · Jane, Life

I heard the results of a survey on the radio yesterday morning (at about 6.30am so I didn’t hear any details of where the survey was done…) which came up with the thing that women envy most about men.  Given the wage gap, worldwide maternal mortality, the use of rape as a weapon in various wars/conflicts and other residual injustices in the world I was pleased to see that what women envied most was a man’s ability to pee standing up.  I have tried to find more details on the survey because I think even Hello magazine would have baulked at that one but Google has failed me.


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  • Gert

    I think this a load of piddle.

    Speaking as a woman, I do not envy men’s ability to pee standing up. When I pee standing up, I hit the target, every time, even when drunk.

    The women who responded in this way need to work on their muscles