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Montana woman fights bear with courgette

September 24th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

A very eye-catching headline from the BBC News website -  Montana woman fights bear with courgette.   It is almost impossible to not click on it to read the story, which is worth doing because it includes this:

The woman, whom police have not named, grabbed the closest object – a courgette from her garden – and threw it at the bear, causing it to flee.

Brilliant.  One imagines the garden contains all sorts of gardening implements and tools, but the first thing she manages to lay her hand on is a courgette.  I am now in a state because I know it reminds me of a comedy film or TV programme where somebody is being attacked and is scrambling around for something to defend themselves: they fumble around things like a heavy ashttray, letter-opener and poker and end up grabbing something soft and inappropriate.

It is bugging me because I really can’t remember what the film/show was and what the inappropriate obkect was, though I think I saw it again recently.  Help. Can anybody remind me?

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