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Travelling without moving

September 21st, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Maybe this time we will move.  Last weekend we decided we had enough of living out of boxes, and would stop trying to find a house exchange.  Someone had already arranged to come and look at our place so we said we would go ahead with that, not be too bothered if nothing came of it, come off the home swappers website and concentrate on finishing off decorating here.

Of course, the other people decided they really wanted to move here, so we looked at their place and decided we really liked that, so now it is all on again.  Given our previous experiences with people being really enthusiastic and then changing their minds I am still going to assume this will fall through, but I hope it doesn’t.The previous aborted move was to Roffey and I’m quite relieved that didn’t happen.  Much as I like Roffey generally and the Roffey Griddle in particular, it was a very small house, a longer journey to work, and the loss of my old Blueyonder e-mail address.  Right now I am facing the prospect of having a shorter walk to my desk from home than I would have from our company car park to my desk.  So close it will not even be worth using the bike.

If it all goes ahead this time I think I will treat myself to 50MB broadband too – I can pay for it with the savings on the electricity bill that I am anticipating while Chrystal is away at uni.

Either way, I’ll be unpacking boxes and getting reunited with my books next month whether it is here or in Langley Green.  I can’t wait – I just got Moriarty by John Gardner.  It is the third book in a trilogy and it is so long since I read the first two that I want to read them first, but I can’t remember what box all my Sherlock Holmes-related books are in.

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