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December 18th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

When we were in town last weekend we tried to buy the boxset of a specific season of a specific American TV show.   They had umpteen boxsets of that show in HMV, everything except the one we specifically wanted.  On returning home I looked on Amazon and found that they also had every season of this show, and related shows, except the one we specifically wanted.

They did have part 1 of that season and part 2 separately for something like £40 each.  So every other season was costing from £11 to £25 for a whole season and this one would be £80.  Decided to look on instead and found that season, complete, for £12.

Could have saved a lot of time by not going out at all.

While I was on there I gave into temptation and treated myself to an early present – Mothership for a fiver.  24 tracks of Led Zeppelin, all remastered for less than the cost of 20 cigs.  Handy for me, because when the last major Led Zep reissue came out – the one with the crop circle thing on front – I bought it on cassette.

Anyway, the DVDs and CDs arrived today safe and sound despite all the postal service disruptions.


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