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Scream if you wanna go faster

March 2nd, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

Well I did it didn’t I?   I had every intention of getting my broadband upgraded from 20MB to 30MB but I just couldn’t resist going the extra little bit and getting it whacked up to 50MB.

What can I say?  It was payday this week so I was feeling artificially flush, and its only an extra fiver a month, which I don’t mind since my phone/TV/broadband bills went down by over £15 when we moved so I’m still winning.

Mind you, the wireless N networking should come in handy for Jayne’s connection to the router – though I have a feeling the kids’ laptops only have wireless G so they won’t feel all the benefit.  I intend to stay connected with CAT5 so none of that matters much to me.

Be interesting to see where the difference is most noticeable.  I think the upstream speed is higher than now as well, so possibly I’ll notice that more when uploading photos, and I’m hoping Jayne will wave goodbye to lagging on World of Warcraft.

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