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The cat soap opera continues

June 29th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

The story so far:

After we moved house we found that there are a couple of big aggressive cats in the road who pick fights with our two (not very streetwise) cats.  These cats got more and more aggressive to the point of following our cats through the cat flap into the house.  At the same sort of time Jayne’s sister decided that she couldn’t keep her cat, Boots,  who is a bit of a bruiser.

We decided to take him on a trial basis to see if he could get on with our cats.  The idea was that he would, if all went well, discourage the bully cats from coming into our garden and house by being scarier than them.  As soon as we got him home he managed to break out of the cat box and leg it out of the house and has not been seen since.

This week’s episode:

Yesterday evening I heard a noise at the cat flap and went to have a look, expecting to find one of the local cats trying to get in.  The cat that ran away when I opened the door looked a lot like Boots.  A couple of hours later there was the sound of a pitched battle outside.  I went downstairs in time to see one of our cats shoot into the house with fur flying and another cat escape over the back fence.  This time I got a good look and it was not any of the neighbours’ cats that I have seen before and looked a lot like Boots.

It looks like the cat we got to protect our other two from bullies, who then ran away, has come back to bully the cats we got him to protect in the first place.

What we really need to do now is catch him and take him back to Jayne’s sister.  I wonder if Pets at Home do a cat trap?


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