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Is this the big society?

October 15th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 7 Comments · Politics

When Cameron and Maude started going on about the big society the closest we could get to working out what they meant was that some functions of the public sector would be done by ordinary citizens and/or charities. We presumed it meant things like parents running the after-school club at the local primary.

It turns out to mean pseudo-charities like Atlantic Bridge and individuals like Adam Wewwity taking over from the civil service and arranging meetings for cabinet ministers with foreign businessmen. Why didn’t they just say so in the first place?

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  • Richard

    I sense the “Civil Service” provided a civic service by ‘shopping’ the Defence Secretary because they were pissed-off with what was happening.

  • jams o donnell

    Hmm I am waiting for Conservative Action on Social Health…..

  • Richard

    Hmm…Waiting for Godot

  • Skuds

    …waiting for the pair of you to form a short, blunt, human pyramid 🙂

  • jams o donnell

    Check the initials Richard!

    • Richard

      Ah, missed that John – sense of humour by-pass operation yesterday -.nice one !

      Would you like to join my Conservatives Only Nice Campsign 😉

  • Peter

    To answer your original question: because they never tell the full story as voters wouldn’t buy it! So they Con them by presenting very reasonable positions and if you argue against it you are being ‘political’ or ‘extremist’. It is all part of their big con.
    It works on DM readers, apparently. Probably because they are force fed the same type of nonsense.