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Walking on air

October 16th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I bought some new trainers yesterday. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m really pleased with myself because I have been meaning to get new ones for at least six months. During that time I have been alternating between forgetting and putting it off because I can’t stand shopping for trainers. Seeing the huge displays of them intimidates and annoys me in equal measure.

I can’t really understand why there are so many different types. I only want black trainers. Preferably entirely black. They do exist, but you have to hunt for them amongst all the gaudy coloured shoes. I look at the display, look down at my scuffed and battered footwear, and decide there’s a bit more wear in them yet because not all my toes are poking through.In the past I have bought trainers and decided to keep the old ones for gardening or something like that. The trouble with that is that I see two pairs, one a bit new and stiff, and one moulded to the shape of my feet and I go for the old ones until they are literally unwearable. This time I forced myself to throw the old ones away immediately to remove that temptation.

I went into town today, wearing the new trainers and it was like walking on air!

Maybe next time I will not wait until these shoes get to the point where I can tread on a coin and tell whether it is heads or tails before I replace them.


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