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Bright idea – CVs revisited

September 6th, 2013 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Work · 1 Comment · Life, Work

Soon after my scribblings about CVs I found that somebody I know has not only had a bright idea about CVs but has actually done something about it. She has done her own CV as an infographic:

An unconventional CV

An unconventional CV

It is certainly eye-catching, though it would probably be more successful in jobs that are in some sort of creative field, and might need to be supplemented with something more traditional to give specific details of previous jobs and achievements.

The bits I like best are the word cloud, the career timeline and the software bit. If I’m being fussy, I’d say that the word cloud is a bit repetitive with the word ‘communication’ but it does ram that point home! Perhaps a few specific skills like ‘writing’ or ‘public speaking’ should have prominence.

The proof will be in whether this helps her get a job, but I have to say that if I was recruiting in the fields that this covers I would stop to look at it, and want to read any more info that was attached.

Of course, the real reason this works is that it is different. Now would be a good time to try something similar, while it is still a novelty. I would do one for myself if not for a few things:

  • I am happy with my job and have no intention of moving on
  • It would take forever for me to do it with MS Paint (I wouldn’t actually use MS Paint, but I don’t have any vector graphics packages or skills in them)
  • I would spoil it (and probably infringe IP somehow) by doing the timeline in the style of a tube map
  • I have no artistic talent. Any infographic of mine would end up looking like something attached to a fridge with magnets.

The biggest disadvantage is that you really can’t easily tailor it for specific job applications, though you could tailor any backup material associated with it. I do like the concept and I wish Ruth luck with her job-hunting.

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  • Skuds Sister

    I wonder if anyone has tried submitting a photo of their skills & experience, written on post-its, held by fridge magnets. On an actual fridge.
    You can’t discount anything with these creative types…..