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Hitting Primark

February 2nd, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Went on a small trolley-dash in Primark today. While the clothes in M&S or Next might be nicer or of better quality, if you need lots of clothes in a hurry you can’t beat Primark. Having lost about 4 stone in weight, 6 inches of waistline and a couple of inches of collar size over the last few months nothing fits me any more. I did buy a couple of pairs of cheap chinos and a couple of shirts recently just so I have something to wear other than tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts.

My colleagues at work had a whip-round and gave me a £30 gift voucher, knowing that I need a complete new wardrobe. It is valid at lots of places. I could have bought a shirt in M&S but decided to go for quantity first and then treat myself to some more special things when I finally settle down to a new size. I may still shrink further or may put some back on.

I got a bit carried away and ended up spending £55, but I got two t-shirts, a jumper, a shirt, a top, some jeans and a belt. Very chuffed with the jeans because they were the only casual trousers of any sort in the shop that have a zipper instead of button fly. Looking forward to shifting this cold so I can go out not looking like a sack of shit tied up in the middle.

UPDATE: I got round to emptying the shopping bag today and it turns out that I mis-remembered. There were actualy 2 jumpers and two shirts, so 9 items and not 7


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