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WordPress help needed

February 1st, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 3 Comments · Technology

I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately. Most gets caught in the filters, but a lot ends up in the to-be-approved queue and takes time to clear out.

I have noticed that nearly all of it is on the same page – and it is a ‘page’ in WordPress terminology rather than a post. I think I have settings so that comments can’t be added to posts older than a certain age, but that seems to not apply to pages. And I can’t see any way to block comments on individual pages or even on all pages.

Any ideas? These, mostly Russian, spammers are really starting to wind me up and 99% of the problem would go away if I could just block comments on the one page that attracts all the comments. Feel free to email me if giving the answer in a comment feels too ironic for you.

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  • Andrew

    If you edit the page in WP then go to the ‘Screen Options’ at the top it’ll hopefully let you enable the ‘Discussion’ (or possibly ‘Comments’) box. You can then hopefully disable comments for that page.

    • Skuds

      Found that. All it does is enable/disable the comment box in the admin/edit view. It doesn’t affectthe end user view.

      I might have to edit the template, but it looks like the pages and posts might use the same template.

      This would have been a breeze 5 years ago, before I forgot everything I ever learned about hacking WordPress about.

      • Skuds

        Sussed it.
        Very strange. While there is no option to disable comments for an individual page when you edit that page, you *can* do it in Quick Edit or in Bulk Edit.

        Why it is not an option in full edit I cannot fathom.