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Entries from October 9th, 2022

Eye in the sky

October 9th, 2022 · Comments Off on Eye in the sky · Life, Technology

It looks like I now have a hobby at last. For my 60th birthday the kids clubbed together and bought me a drone. A proper serious one. Apparently there are implications and extra conditions for drones of 250g and over, so this one is 249.5g but very sophisticated. In fact it is so sophisticated that […]

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Born to be mild

October 9th, 2022 · Comments Off on Born to be mild · Life

The last time I posted about motorbikes was back in November last year, when I passed my test and was thinking about what bike to get. Of course there has been some activity on that front. I did go out and do the stupid thing and buy a bike in December, when it was going […]

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Just like starting over

October 9th, 2022 · Comments Off on Just like starting over · Life, Music, Technology

Quite a long time ago I sold my turntable (a gorgeous Linn Sondek LP12) and all of my vinyl. We were moving to a smaller house and the vinyl was taking up a lot of space, not to mention the space needed for a proper rack for the turntable, amplifier, speakers, etc. I found that […]

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Upgrade time

October 9th, 2022 · Comments Off on Upgrade time · Technology

So. The place where I host all this is upgrading the version of php and this site was not compatible with the new version of php. My fault for not touching anything for ages: I had an ancient version of WordPress and some ancient and problematic plugins and themes installed. At the moment I can […]

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