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Moving to Mastodon

November 21st, 2022 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Technology · No Comments · Life, Technology

I’m not sure I can cope with all the hassle of moving to, and learning about, a new platform, but if Twitter does go completely tits-up it is either that or abandon social media completely.

I have mixed feelings about it. There are good and bad aspects to social media. If I decide to just not bother than it would free up some time and probably have some mental health benefits but by following various local feeds (companies, organisations, councillors, charities) you do get a feel for what is going on in the area, and following various record companies and bands means you can see what new music is out there.

And, of course, there are all those accounts like RAF Luton, Fesshole, or Accidental Partridge that just make life a bit more amusing. I try not to get too distracted by all the serious politics.

When it comes to Twitter alternatives, the options are limited for me. I have never been on Instagram or Tik Tok. I closed my Facebook account 6 years ago. I recently re-activated it but only because I might want to use the marketplace to snap up vinyl bargains and because one or two companies persist in only having a Facebook page as a website; I am not going to post updates or interact with anything there. To be honest, the site layout has changed so much it might as well be a new platform.

Of the Twitter alternatives, Mastodon seems to be the one most likely to take over. I don’t really understand it but I have created an account ( but I don’t think I will do much with it unless Twitter collapses. And then I’ll have to work out how to get posts to publish there instead of Twitter maybe.

Everything was so much easier when Mastodon was just a prog metal band.

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