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The problem with same-sex couples on Strictly

December 7th, 2022 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

The trend for same-sex couples on Strictly is causing me some problems; not because I am anti-gay but because I am almost entirely ignorant of popular culture these days.

The thing is that I don’t actually watch Strictly, but I do watch House of Games which my Tivo records so I also get the first few minutes of the next show which is something to do with dancing. In the credits they show a string of couples comprising one professional dancer and one celebrity, but only the celebrity name pops up. At least 80% of the celebrities are people I haven’t heard of or where the name rings a bell but I couldn’t say what they look like. I imagine a lot of them are from soap operas or reality shows.

The only way I can tell which one is the celebrity and which is the dancer is by seeing a male name and deducing that the man in the couple is the celebrity. This falls down when there is a unisex name, but also if both partners are men. Or women. I was OK with Nicola Adams because I did recognise her from off of the Olympics, and this time round I am OK with Jayde Adams (no relation to Nicola. Or Tony. As far as I know) because I recognise her, but there is also a pair of blokes and I have no idea who is who.

I am not dumping on people who do watch soap operas, talent shows, reality shows or Strictly, its just that they don’t appeal to me and I find myself baffled by the whole thing. Its all a bit of a first-world problem that I could easily solve with Google if I could be bothered.

A bigger worry is that one day they might put somebody on Strictly that I just have to see, like that time Johnny Rotten was on I’m a Celebrity or our mate Eugene was on Big Brother and I have to make myself watch something that doesn’t otherwise interest me.


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