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Entries from March 7th, 2024

RIP Noche (2012-2024)

March 7th, 2024 · Comments Off on RIP Noche (2012-2024) · Life

It has been very difficult for us here recently. Our younger dog has not been well for a long time and today he made his last visit to the vets. We had him since he was a pup, and watched him grow and grow and then grow old.

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February 2024

March 2nd, 2024 · Comments Off on February 2024 · Life

Another damp, dull and dreary month. Basically it was just a slightly shorter version of January. Its enough to drive you to drink, and in my case it actually did because I opened up a bottle of wine and drank the lot, though it did take me four days to get through it all because […]

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