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September 13th, 2004 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I’ve just been looking at to check tonight’s results. Really just to see if Charlton managed to get at least a point and put Man Utd in the 2nd half of the league table… which they did. While there I was having a look at the statistics for Crawley Town. Apparently our unbeaten home record is the best in the conference! Unfortunately the away record is 13th. Still. Quite impressive for new boys. How long before we can start referring to ‘fortress Broadfield’?

The reason I didn’t watch the football tonight is that J and I had a meeting at the community centre. Its the twice-yearly meeting where the trustees come and see whether we are managing OK or making a complete balls-up. I think we are managing OK but everything is still going down the pan a bit because of various things that have happened.

Attending the meeting were a Reverend Archdeacon (or is he a Very Reverend Archdeacon?), a nun, a Catholic priest or two and an Anglican vicar. Tomorrow I’m back again for the licensing of our new vicar, presided over by the Bishop of Horsham. Not a bad week for an atheist! Funniest thing was on the way home when Jayne told me that the nun had mentioned how she ‘swoons’ over my voice. Mind you, I was quite pleased to get Fr Jack Hackett’s line from Father Ted into the meeting and say “that would be an ecumenical matter”, having already managed to say the immortal line “more tea vicar” during the refreshments before the meeting.

The chap who took my seat on the council was also there, (nice enough bloke except for suspected slight racist tendencies, and a seems to be getting premature senility) so I piled a few jobs onto him for the sake of it, though really I should be grateful that he has given me a bit of a break.

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